Yesterday, I attended  “The Next Frontier: Tech Leadership in a New Reality” conference at the Harvard Business School. The event explored how technology is shaping society and how future business leaders can play a role in building a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable world. From FinTech to AI/ML to Climate Tech, the 11-panel sessions covered all that’s hot in tech now and what’s yet to come.

The opening keynote panel, featuring Don McGuire (Chief Marketing Officer, Qualcomm) and Eric Van Rossum (Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer, Cloud ERP, SAP), discussed the changing landscape of tech leadership. The FinTech keynote panel emphasized the crucial role of trust in shaping the future of financial technology. They underscored how the trust will be the driving force behind the evolution of these tools, paving the way for more secure and innovative solutions.

Other panels, such as EdTech, Cybersecurity, and Tough Tech, delved into the possibilities of innovation and entrepreneurship in tech. The AR/VR and AI/ML panels explored the promises and applications of these emerging technologies.

Overall, the conference provided a platform to discuss critical questions facing society, and how technology can be used to tackle them. I’m excited to see how current and future tech leaders will take these learnings forward and shape the future of tech.