Attended the PE/VC event at Harvard Business School last weekend and it was a game-changer! The startup and VC world has shifted, and it’s time for founders to prove their mettle with efficient allocation of funds from previous rounds to raise new ones.

One thing’s for sure, while brand is crucial, it’s not enough. A winning combination of traction, people, and product market fit is essential. Leaders must leave their ego at the door and embrace failure as a learning opportunity. Sometimes, a fresh perspective and revised projections are necessary to keep the momentum going.

It’s critical to strike the right balance between communication and interaction between VCs and founders. A VC’s role is more than just allocating capital – it’s about providing full support and resources to take companies to the next level.

Kudos to Harvard for the top-notch organization of the event. This was my first conference in Boston, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Excited for the 2024 edition!