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Nankurunaisa, never forget who you are, live for today and tomorrow and never forget to smile

Finding Purpose in Life: Reflect, Take Risks, Prioritize Fulfillment

We are always in the way, we don’t look back and always keep forward. But there is a time where we need to stop and reflect on why we are doing what we are doing. Are we going to college because we enjoy what we are studying or just to get a good salary afterward? Are we doing volunteering somewhere because it looks nice and pretty on the CV or because we enjoy helping others? Let’s stop and think about your routine. Is that what you want with your life? Where do you want to go? 

Finding purpose in life involves taking risks, surrounding ourselves with positive people, and constantly learning and growing. It also involves finding joy and fulfillment in everything we do. It may not be easy, but with perseverance and determination, we can create a life that is rich in purpose and meaning.


Tomas is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor with a diverse background in finance and entrepreneurship. He has a strong track record of starting and growing successful businesses, including To+ Design, founded at the age of 13, and Independence Brand, sold in 2019. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Tomas serves as a consultant for start-ups and corporates in the areas of brand, business, and luxury strategies. He is also the host of the podcast “The Shift Z,” where he interviews unconventional individuals, and has worked as a VC investor at a leading Southern European venture capital firm.

Tomas has studied at top institutions such as MIT and Georgetown, and is currently completing his undergraduate degree in business with a finance specialization between IE University and Northeastern University. He is known for his innovative problem-solving skills and his ability to help others achieve their goals, which aligns with his personal purpose of creating value in people. This drives his commitment to giving back to the community through various non-profit organizations, like the Youth Economic Circle, Juegaterapia or Young People Connect in Africa.

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