Tomás loves to explore, not just new places but also ideas, solutions, and the bonds between people. His career is in the fast-paced world of growth and venture capital, where he focus innovation. But what really sets him apart is his eagerness to tackle the complex challenges of business and life. Amidst life's hustle, he appreciates the simple things: a leisurely walk, a moment of quiet, and the deep impact of listening to others share their stories.

Tomás’s story is simple and genuine. Born in Madrid and influenced by his Galician and Basque heritage, he grew up learning the value of community and staying true to oneself. At eighteen, a significant event changed his perspective, paving the way for a career that would take him across the world. He’s not just about his professional life, which includes leading projects and advising startups, but also about personal growth, learning to find happiness in both success and the small moments of daily life. To Tomás, life is about learning from every experience, finding balance, and helping others do the same. His journey shows that the truest successes are shared and that real discovery is about understanding ourselves and connecting with others.

● What defines me

Turning Ideas into Impact, with a Personal Touch.

01. Driven by Heart in Innovation

Tomas’s path’s been quite the adventure, weaving through the worlds of growing businesses, diving into venture capital, and embracing entrepreneurship. What ties it all together? A deep-rooted passion for understanding problems and crafting solutions that truly make a difference. It’s about listening, empathizing, and then, creating. It’s this heartfelt approach to innovation that defines his way of working.

02. Keeping It Real with Strategy

Tomas is about all about turning dreams into reality. It’s one thing to have big ideas, but it’s another to bring them to life. That’s where Tomas come in – blending vision with practicality. Whether it’s guiding startups or navigating the complexities of venture capital, He is on it, ensuring those ambitious plans are grounded in solid execution.

03. Always on the Grow

Learning and adapting are pretty much his modus operandi. Every new challenge is a chance to learn something, to tweak and refine. This philosophy doesn’t just apply to work; it’s how he lives. Staying agile, open to fresh ideas, and making decisions that are as informed as they are instinctive – that’s the goal. It’s about never standing still, always pushing forward.

He is into developing business portfolios that not only grow but also matter. It’s about strategic impact and growth that counts.

Everything revolves around the customer. Their needs, their voice, that’s Tomas’s guiding star.

Got a grand plan? Let’s make it a reality, balancing creativity with practicality.

Tomas lean on data for decisions but also trust his instincts. It’s a balancing act that navigates us forward.

From small squads to larger groups, He is all about fostering a culture where everyone feels like they’re winning together.

Change is the only constant, right? Tomas’s here for it, always ready to learn, adapt, and grow.

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