Yesterday, Harvard Business School’s Family Business Club hosted The Family Business Conference 2023, which aimed to celebrate and recognize the significance of family-owned businesses across the globe. These institutions are responsible for around 90% of the world’s GDP, making them indispensable and increasingly important in a globalized economy.

The conference had keynote speeches and panel discussions featuring successful family business operators, investors, and experts. Keynote speakers included Bill Ford from Ford, Juan Pablo Del Valle from Orbyas, and Angelica and Emanuele Visconti from Salvatore Ferragamo, who discussed topics such as outside CEO dynamics, expanding family businesses, and the main issues facing family businesses. Panel discussions focused on topics like navigating tough times, carving out a path within the family enterprise, and establishing a lasting family office.

One of the hallmarks of family businesses is their ability to remain resilient in the face of global uncertainties. By prioritizing talent, diversification, expansion, and long-term value creation, family businesses continue to flourish. The conference emphasized the importance of values, active ownership, and bonding in family businesses, as well as creating a more inclusive, global, and prosperous future for these crucial institutions.

In summary, The Family Business Conference 2023 provided a valuable platform to recognize and support family businesses worldwide. Congratulations to the Family Business Club at Harvard Business School for successfully organizing such a meaningful and insightful event. #FamilyBusiness #HarvardBusinessSchool #GlobalConference