About Tomas

Born and raised in Madrid. Tomás is a Serial Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Volunteer and Business Advisor. He started he first business when he was just 13 years old and since that, it has only be rolling.

Right now, he is the founder of The Shift and works as a freelance consultant for different start-ups, projects and corporates in the areas of brand, business and Gen Z strategies.

What define's Tomás




Life and business should be fun


Truth above all else

Meaningful work

Doing work that brings meaning and purpose


Not going to leave you behind

Optimism and Positivity 

Always maintain positive, even at bad times

Efficiency and Commitment

Work is about objectives, not hours


Always want to see different perspectives

Getting out of my comfort zone

To learn new things and discover new people

Experiencing new cultures

To have a more open mind


Helping people to find inspiration


Making ideas turn into real projects


Giving back to the community



What do I do


We like doing things easy so that everybody can understand us. And our aim here is to help you create and improve your brand, developing your company values and identity so everybody can go on the same path.

Building Communities

Being part of Gen Z facilitates us to create and unify communities to transform people into your best faithful clients, not only buying you an item or a service but also sharing your identity.


We help you create and improve your online presence by creating your eCommerce/websites and social presence.

What do they say

I've had the pleasure to work with Tomas during the 2019 LaunchX program at MIT and I must say that his entrepreneurial mindset and teamwork skills were outstanding. He is a very determined individual that is willing to go to any length to complete his work and produce a good result. I'm looking forward to work with him again soon.
Alberto Chiapparoli
I met Tomas this summer at the LaunchX Summer program. He was one of the most passionate and multi-talented people I have ever met. He engaged with investors with an engaging and professional tone. He inspired many of us to always believe in having a common goal and striving for a solution to fix a problem. He proves to be a motivational leader, as he strives to have a productive work environment with his peers. One of Tomas's many goals which makes him an open-minded individual, is his goal of making a change in the world.
Srikar Shadu

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