Born and raised in Madrid. Tomás is a Serial Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Volunteer and Business Advisor. He started he first business when he was just 13 years old and since that, it has only be rolling.

Right now, he is the founder of The Shift and works as a freelance consultant for different start-ups, projects and corporates in the areas of brand, business and Gen Z strategies.

We are always in the way, we don’t look back and always keep forward. But there is a time where we need to stop and reflect on why we are doing what we are doing. Are we going to college because we enjoy what we are studying or just to get a good salary afterward? Are we doing volunteering somewhere because it looks nice and pretty on the CV or because we enjoy helping others? Let’s stop and think about your routine. Is that what you want with your life? Where do you want to go? Sometimes we do things as it is because is what we need to do but we do not think about why do we need them to do it.

Tomas’s personal and professional career has always been about that. Since he was very little he has been curious and inquisitive about all my environments that had let him explore and discover. He has been curious, asking questions, and discovering new directions he could explore. This curiosity, combined with being detail-oriented, played a big part in who Tomas is today. Being an explorer had let him be an ideator and a developer, creating new ideas and solutions for all the problems he sees and implementing them into the society which he wants to improve. In just a line, going out of the comfort zone.


Tomas has been described as a “serial entrepreneur” following his family track  on businesses. Tomas’s first business, To+ Design, was started when he was just 13 years old and it consisted on video edition.  After that first start, he created several projects/start-ups like Independence Brand, e-commerce brand with the largest community in Madrid. He is now 21 and the founder of The Shift, a monthly newsletter to inspire and be the speaker of a full generation, Generation Z.


Tomas’s ability to find innovative solutions around a problem has led to him advising Start-Ups across the world, Corporates like Banco Santander and supporting some non-profits to get their goals.

Give back to community

Building a startup and advising corporates is really nice but one of the things Tomas most enjoys doing is helping others to achieve their goals. People help us and we need to give back more than they did to others so in the end, we do like the pay it forward film letting the world develop faster and more people achieve their dreams. He has helped within several non-profit organizations like Juegaterapia, which works with children with cancer, or Start Universe, which aims to make college students achieve their entrepreneurship goals. He also enjoys giving tutoring to others to help them to get their expected results in exams and has given lectures to Young People Connect in Africa to help them develop their career. 

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