You are

thank you

thank you for being there helping people

thank you for saving life’s

thank you for taking care of our dears’ people

thank you for your resiliency

thank you for keeping the wheel spinning

for not giving up

sorry for not understanding the value of risking your life for ours

no one has asked you if you want to be there

but you are

not only today


your vocation is stronger than anything

an example to follow

doesn’t matter if you have an 8 hour or 36-hour shift

You are 

You are an example to follow 

You are an example of overcoming

an example to all those kids that want to follow you now

because you are the motivation of their life’s

You are what makes them study more

to put more effort into things

so, they can become what they want to become

You are the people that are making this finish

You are people that keep our hope 

You are the ones that open our eyes

You are

it’s not very difficult to realize

that something is changing

our world is changing

people are changing

we are waking up into a new and unknowable reality

a new reality that is giving the best of us

seeking new solutions

that make us focus and what matters

thank you for being

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