Stop. Re-Think. Go-ahead

Now we are living very difficult times where uncertainty reigns. Countries have demonstrated to be prepared for all types of wars but none for an epidemic one which is running without control. 

One curious thing that I have realized during these days is that people prepare for everything but there is one thing that bothers us, the uncertainty. The uncertainty that makes us not to know the future, what is going to happen in two days? ; when are we going back to university or our job’s positions.? Are we going to be fired? Are we going into a recession after this? But we need to stop caring in the stuff we can’t control; we need to take care of the things we can control. How are we going to manage our companies in this situation? Is my family safe? How can I help them to be safer?  

I reckon this is the best moment to STOP in a personal and professional way. Maybe we all need to re-organize our values in life. On the personal side, we are all confined at home so is the best moment to STOP and analyze what has been our lifestyle and relations for the last year. Do I like my lifestyle? How can I improve it? Should I do more sport? For what do I need so much stuff in such a circumstance?  And on the other side, in a professional way is the best time (if it’s possible) to analyze our process, are they effective? Is our way of working productively? What can we change to make it better? This time of quarantine is the best time to STOP, to RE-THINK what I have been doing and after all this continue going ahead with our activities.

Optimism, perseverance, resilience, and strength are core capabilities always and now more than ever. Let’s keep hope, hope, and struggle despite the circumstances! 

We are lucky! All this period is making us reflect deeply and quickly on our mission in life. So, STOP a minute, RE-THINK and GO-AHEAD. Let’s make it. Let’s contribute altogether to make this time the less as possible so we can go back to our routines and normality as soon as possible.

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