Should we be renamed our generation to generation COVID?

Before I start, I need to say one thing. We are never going to live like our parents. Native Digitals, two crises Survivors and for some people, best-prepared generation. We were born in the fourth industrial revolution. AI, IoT, Alexa, iPhone are part of our dictionary nearly our beginnings.

19 years old and I lived already 2 crises: the 2008 Financial Crisis where all the financial system was near to crashed and now COVID-19. 32 million people infected, and we have passed a million deaths. Would you have imagined that I would need to finish my Freshman Year Online? That I would need to take my final exams online with two cameras around me to supervise me? We don’t know what is going next but what we know is that is not going to be the same as before. The world has changed. COVID has changed us.

Gen Z is the generation that changes faster while the world continues moving. We are an awake generation. We look for new ways of searching for information to understand the different perspectives and take our opinions, not the ones that appear on the news or TV. We are an eco-friendly generation that takes care of the environment and the food we take. The world is moving forward and as the world is moving, we are. Gen Z is the generation that it’s constantly learning new things, we are 360 people. We don’t know what is going next, but we are preparing for it. We are the generation of today, the generation that changes as a consequence of the world-changing. We have seen that the world is moving faster than never before. We have a plan A in our life, but if it doesn’t work; we have a plan B although.

We are a conscious generation that knows that everything is not as expected. The future is uncertain. Our future is uncertain. In all aspects. Education, from traditional classes to hybrid complex models; Work, from finishing an undergraduate to start working as a freelance; Leisure, from going to the cinema to start using Netflix Party; etc.

So, in conclusion, should rename our generation to generation COVID? Generation COVID is a continuously changing generation that as COVID, we don’t know-how is going to behave next. What do you think? Do you think Gen Z has changed more than any other generation?

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