Doing some more than a clothing brand. Creating a community with people with the same ideas people that share the Independence Generation:

In Independence, we believe in the talent of our generation.

In recent times, millennials (and post-millennials) have been considered a lost generation. We want to break that idea and show that we are a generation with a lot of future.

Independence Brand was born with this perspective of realizing the potential we have inside, putting into practice the values that represent us:

# 1 Want to improve things. – We are nonconformists.

# 2 Passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. – We improve from our mistakes, following the Lean Startup model.

# 3 Feeling of closeness and good treatment. – We like to take care of our Independence community.

# 4 Search for adventure, opening new horizons. – We try to go for the different, thinking in a disruptive way.

# 5 Attitude of effort and teamwork. – Together we managed to go further.

# 6 Commitment to solidarity with our environment.- We collaborate with NGOs to contribute to our grain of sand.

# 7 Passion for what we do. – We love to enjoy our work every day in Independence.

In short, Independence Brand is not only a clothing brand, but represents the lifestyle of a generation proud of itself and is destined to change the world. We call this generation Generation Independence.

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in it” – Marc Jacobs