Good morning to everyone. Today we bring you a new challenge, but a different one, one that can change the lives of many people.

To all of us, the government has asked us to stay home, but there are still many people who need our help. People who depend on us to eat.

Some hotel chains have offered all these people the roof of their hotels so that they can take shelter under a roof in the face of this storm that has come to our country but they do not have sufficient means to feed them. The soup kitchens have been closed and they are not allowed to distribute food. Here is the initiative.

The challenge is very simple. It is to donate the cost of a sandwich so that all these people can eat. It is nothing, it is the price of a coffee, but it is the grains of sand that build mountains. And if you want to collaborate more with the cause you can also spread it and choose the NGO and organization that you prefer.

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