How to impulse entrepreneurship in college?

Welcome back! Sorry that we have been distracted by other cool stuff that is coming soon. Stay tuned! Today, I am here to talk about Start Universe, a community shuttle of entrepreneurial initiative. 

What if it’s possible to promote entrepreneurship from the beginning and not wait to finish your undergrad?  Start Universe has a very clear objective: to impulse entrepreneurship in college. Developing entrepreneurship by activating the entrepreneur gene, connecting proactive people and boosting innovating generations.

Activating entrepreneurship in young people is key for taking the education to the next level, to activate the “entrepreneur attitude” and to help college students to find ways of finding their aspiration job. Start helps people to follow this path with 4 simple and easy steps:  

  1. Know yourself
  2. Understand the role of your university in your life
  3. Start now don’t wait too long
  4. Be around a powerful environment joining powerful networks

During the last month, we have developed the Start Manifesto where after a weekend of intense workloads, 20 teenagers’ members of the association have come up with the 9 principles that define a starter. These 9 principles are:

  1. A starter is curious, perseverant, compromised and likes to innovate
  2. A starter knows how to listen and respect the others time
  3. We are a meeting point between active and entrepreneur people
  4. Our community highlights the synergy between the diversity of associations and the people that compose them.
  5. We want to make college a place to boost talent by using entrepreneurship
  6. We generate environments to promote going out of the comfort zone
  7. We encourage the act of creating projects as an opportunity for personal development and necessity solving.

That’s everything for today! Stay tuned because something really cool is coming out :)! In the meantime, have an amazing week!

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