How to impulse entrepreneurship in college?

Welcome back! Sorry that we have been distracted by other cool stuff that is coming soon. Stay tuned! Today, I am here to talk about Start Universe, a community shuttle of entrepreneurial initiative. 

What if it’s possible to promote entrepreneurship from the beginning and not wait to finish your undergrad?  Start Universe has a very clear objective: to impulse entrepreneurship in college. Developing entrepreneurship by activating the entrepreneur gene, connecting proactive people and boosting innovating generations.

Activating entrepreneurship in young people is key for taking the education to the next level, to activate the “entrepreneur attitude” and to help college students to find ways of finding their aspiration job. Start helps people to follow this path with 4 simple and easy steps:  

  1. Know yourself
  2. Understand the role of your university in your life
  3. Start now don’t wait too long
  4. Be around a powerful environment joining powerful networks

During the last month, we have developed the Start Manifesto where after a weekend of intense workloads, 20 teenagers’ members of the association have come up with the 9 principles that define a starter. These 9 principles are:

  1. A starter is curious, perseverant, compromised and likes to innovate
  2. A starter knows how to listen and respect the others time
  3. We are a meeting point between active and entrepreneur people
  4. Our community highlights the synergy between the diversity of associations and the people that compose them.
  5. We want to make college a place to boost talent by using entrepreneurship
  6. We generate environments to promote going out of the comfort zone
  7. We encourage the act of creating projects as an opportunity for personal development and necessity solving.

That’s everything for today! Stay tuned because something really cool is coming out :)! In the meantime, have an amazing week!

You are

You are

thank you

thank you for being there helping people

thank you for saving life’s

thank you for taking care of our dears’ people

thank you for your resiliency

thank you for keeping the wheel spinning

for not giving up

sorry for not understanding the value of risking your life for ours

no one has asked you if you want to be there

but you are

not only today


your vocation is stronger than anything

an example to follow

doesn’t matter if you have an 8 hour or 36-hour shift

You are 

You are an example to follow 

You are an example of overcoming

an example to all those kids that want to follow you now

because you are the motivation of their life’s

You are what makes them study more

to put more effort into things

so, they can become what they want to become

You are the people that are making this finish

You are people that keep our hope 

You are the ones that open our eyes

You are

it’s not very difficult to realize

that something is changing

our world is changing

people are changing

we are waking up into a new and unknowable reality

a new reality that is giving the best of us

seeking new solutions

that make us focus and what matters

thank you for being

Nothing is going to be like before

Nothing is going to be like before

Nothing is going to be as before. After all this crisis of Coronavirus, nothing is going to be the same. We are going to live something new; we are going to live a new era. This uncertainty and this situation are transforming society in all aspects. It’s economically transforming society, the way of investing and managing teams. We have demonstrated that working from home it’s possible and that digitalizing our business can help us to optimize our time. The way of shopping is going to change too.  People now want a new product that anyone else has tried and fitted on before. This is the time for those startups that analyze your body and helps you to choose the correct size; that startups that can give you a demo about how that item fits on you.

We need to focus on the good things of this crisis, not in the bad ones because they don’t let us keep going, they only let us stagnate.  We need to be optimistic and we need to see that we can be reinforced of this crisis but as long as efforts are not oriented towards the same mistakes we made before.  It’s not going to be easy to exit this crisis but if we all are working together, we can get the best of us and go out of this is a unique country and a unique world united to leave this situation as soon as possible and without leaving people in the gutter.

This crisis is different from the other ones. We haven’t lived any of this before. Some people are comparing this crisis with the one after the II World War but actually, we don’t know it. It’s the first time that from now on everything is new. We cannot go back to the past; we need to keep walking and we to squeeze our imagination to do it. This is the time for developing new skills that we didn’t know before.  We need to adapt to the situation and not get frustrated because it scares us. We have already started this path; people have already transformed their companies from offline to online in a week. This is amazing. We have passed from classroom lectures to online lectures in only three days. We have evolved like never before. Let’s keep doing this. Let’s keep surprising ourselves and we will see that the end of this crisis it’s closer than we think.

The retail industry must change to survive. Companies have the opportunity of surviving by transforming their companies into e-commerce and the ones who already have it to update it with new plugins and tools that can give more help to the user. I think after this is ended, we are going to go back to the streets, and we are going to go to the shopping Centers, but something will be different. Online purchasing will continue increasing because a lot of people are going to prefer to buy online. After all, it’s easier and it’s also safer for our health. This sanitary crisis has also shown us that companies can lose control of their production chain. So, it’s the time to learn from the past and re-transform the production chain strategies and get the factories back to their home countries so these companies can control it better if this situation happens again and also can boost the national economy by decreasing the unemployed rate.

One friend told me one time that the secret of our future is hidden in our daily routine.  We know this path is not going to be easy. We need everybody to been involved so we can exit this as soon as possible and go straight ahead to the new era, the era after coronavirus. Nothing is going to be like before, but we have the power to improve it. 


Stop. Re-Think. Go-ahead

Now we are living very difficult times where uncertainty reigns. Countries have demonstrated to be prepared for all types of wars but none for an epidemic one which is running without control. 

One curious thing that I have realized during these days is that people prepare for everything but there is one thing that bothers us, the uncertainty. The uncertainty that makes us not to know the future, what is going to happen in two days? ; when are we going back to university or our job’s positions.? Are we going to be fired? Are we going into a recession after this? But we need to stop caring in the stuff we can’t control; we need to take care of the things we can control. How are we going to manage our companies in this situation? Is my family safe? How can I help them to be safer?  

I reckon this is the best moment to STOP in a personal and professional way. Maybe we all need to re-organize our values in life. On the personal side, we are all confined at home so is the best moment to STOP and analyze what has been our lifestyle and relations for the last year. Do I like my lifestyle? How can I improve it? Should I do more sport? For what do I need so much stuff in such a circumstance?  And on the other side, in a professional way is the best time (if it’s possible) to analyze our process, are they effective? Is our way of working productively? What can we change to make it better? This time of quarantine is the best time to STOP, to RE-THINK what I have been doing and after all this continue going ahead with our activities.

Optimism, perseverance, resilience, and strength are core capabilities always and now more than ever. Let’s keep hope, hope, and struggle despite the circumstances! 

We are lucky! All this period is making us reflect deeply and quickly on our mission in life. So, STOP a minute, RE-THINK and GO-AHEAD. Let’s make it. Let’s contribute altogether to make this time the less as possible so we can go back to our routines and normality as soon as possible.



Good morning to everyone. Today we bring you a new challenge, but a different one, one that can change the lives of many people.

To all of us, the government has asked us to stay home, but there are still many people who need our help. People who depend on us to eat.

Some hotel chains have offered all these people the roof of their hotels so that they can take shelter under a roof in the face of this storm that has come to our country but they do not have sufficient means to feed them. The soup kitchens have been closed and they are not allowed to distribute food. Here is the initiative.

The challenge is very simple. It is to donate the cost of a sandwich so that all these people can eat. It is nothing, it is the price of a coffee, but it is the grains of sand that build mountains. And if you want to collaborate more with the cause you can also spread it and choose the NGO and organization that you prefer.

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